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The main difference someone coming to live in France from the UK will notice in the electrical wiring in their home is that a spur system is used, not a ring main system. The French method is very safe as all the protection for a circuit is located in the fuse box. If there is a fault anywhere in a particular circuit the circuit breaker will “click out“, isolating that circuit.

Many older properties in France have very old electrical installations.
Check if your electrics are safe by answering these four questions:

If you have answered NO to questions 1 or 2 and/or YES to questions 3 or 4 you should have your installation checked as soon as possible by a qualified, registered electrician. If your house contains anything similar to the photos shown above you should contact an electrician immediately.

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1.. Do you have a good earth rod with a connection to your
.. fuse box?

2 . Do you have an RCD trip switch in your fuse box which
.... protects all the installation?

3 ..Do you have fused switches and sockets (small disc-like
.. ..shape on the surface)?

4. .Do you have 2-pin sockets (no metal pin)?

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Are your electrics safe?


Ceramic junction boxes with more metal conduit

Old ceramic switches with metal conduit

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