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Until recently the EDF was the only supplier of electricity to domestic households in France.

With deregulation there are now many suppliers and you can compare prices on web sites such as www.kelwatt.fr and choose your supplier according to your requirements.

There are, for instance, suppliers of
“green electricity” which is obtained from renewable sources such as sun, wind, or water.

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Which supplier?

Which tariff should I choose?

The standing charge for electricity (the ‘abonnement’, paid every two months) varies according to how much power you consume, so a worthwhile first consideration is whether you (or a previous owner) are currently being billed for a higher potential consumption than you need.

There are then three main types of tariff, which relate mainly to the unit cost of the electricity you consume.

The different tariffs:
A base or standard tariff which is the same price at any time of the day.

Heures pleines/Heures creuses: a two-tariff system with reduced prices at night and perhaps, depending on your area, at midday as well.

Tempo: This EDF system uses three different tariffs depending on the day (blue, white or red ) along with cheaper rates at night. If you do NOT need to consume much electricity at all during the most expensive periods, Tempo can be very attractive. It consists of:

Electricity suppliers and prices

300.blue (cheap) days
43...white ‘standard) days (never Sundays)
22...red (expensive) days
.......These are all taken between 1st Nov - 31st March but never
....... on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays (Jours Fériés)

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